An overview of hightech startups previously in the TOP program

The TOP program is a (pre) seed fund for innovative hightech startups in the Twente region in the Netherlands. The Golden Egg Check team does a market due diligence on every company that aspires a position in the TOP program. In this due diligence, we retrieve relevant market information (such as market size, trends & developments and competition) and assess the venture’s proposition based on the criteria in the Golden Egg Check. This assessment serves as input for the TOP committee that ultimately grants the TOP positions. Some information in this blog post is derived from the market scans.

Every year we study and report the most relevant insights on the TOP startup community. Most recent results can be found here (report is in Dutch).

In this post, we provide an overview of all alumni companies of the TOP program.

Alumni TOP companies

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Young Technology Award 2015: a deserved winner!?

Last night, Powered by Twente organized the final of the Young Technology Award (YTA), an award for young, innovative companies or business cases. Both the audience and the jury selected SoundEnergy as winner of the YTA 2015. Congratulations! We were there and did our own assessment together with some experts on the spot, based on the investment criteria in our Golden Egg Check software. Our winner? Well… we had a different opinion than the jury and the (remainder of the) audience.

If you don’t know what the Golden Egg Check is: in short it is a method, implemented in software to assess business ideas based on the criteria of (venture capital) investors. For last night’s YTA, we thought it would be cool if we would have a live panel assessing the pitches and see who our winner would be. So we did.

Our panel comprised more than 10 innovation experts, including growth entrepreneurs, investors, banks, accountants and business developers, who were present at the YTA event. After every pitch and Q&A session, our panel assessed the proposition on seven criteria, which are the clusters of our full size investor readiness check: Team, Execution, Growth, Market opportunity, Value proposition, Competitive edge, and Investment opportunity. We shared the results more or less real time with the audience via the twitter feed of #YTA15.

Although our panel liked the technology of winner SoundEnergy, our results indicated a different winner. Our top three included Triboform (82%), LipoCoat (80%), and KITE Robotics (75%). SoundEnergy got a score of 56%, which isn’t bad at all, but we would be lying if we would say that we expected SoundEnergy to win.

Schermafbeelding 2015-12-09 om 16.23.47.png

Golden Egg Check scores of our live panel at YTA15


We will highlight every company below. You can click on each of the participants’ thumbnail to see their cluster scores (i.e. the average of all the panel members).

360SportsIntelligence (65%)


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