How Twitter can make some money

Three fresh business models in 140 characters

Today Twitter had their IPO. Read it all here. Nevertheless, Twitter is still losing money and therefore wants to increase revenues from advertisement. Fair enough, especially if they can continue to grow their customer base growth and/ or increase the time spend on Twitter. How they can be growing is well analyzed here.

twitter IPO

My colleagues and I decided to come up with some other business models that Twitter could use to make some money. Here are three new business models in 140 characters, based on our quick thoughts:

1. Use the wisdom of the crowd

Don’t annoy users, use users. Use and sell the wisdom of the crowd, eg as a voting tool, press agency, think tank, …

2. Sell to the money makers

Subscription model on Twitter data. Companies that use the data commercially (eg social media monitoring tools) pay a fee based on usage.

3. Improve the content

Users pay max $5 per month to use Twitter. The higher their influence score (like Klout) the lesser they pay. Reward system for contributors.

What would your suggestion be? 


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